I Believe Dr. Christine Blasey Ford

Oct 1, 2018
Pelosi Update

Judge Kavanaugh Hearings

Yesterday, the American people were heartbroken and deeply moved by the courageous testimony of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.  Dr. Ford told her story with extraordinary dignity, bravery and unimpeachable credibility.  I applaud her courage for coming forward to share her story, and I believe her. 

There are now multiple credible, corroborated allegations of sexual harassment and assault made against Judge Kavanaugh, made under penalty of perjury.  These crimes have a lifetime impact, and Judge Kavanaugh is trying to get a lifelong appointment on the highest court in the land.  Judge Kavanaugh must immediately withdraw from consideration.

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats held a press event in support of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and her courageous decision to come forward to tell her story.

Racing through Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination without opening an FBI investigation into these allegations would be a stunning dereliction of Congress’ duty to demand zero tolerance of sexual harassment and abuse.  Re-opening an FBI background is long-time regular order precedent when allegations against nominees have been made.  

With their conduct yesterday, Republicans sent an unmistakable message to women and girls everywhere: if you come forward to share an experience of sexual assault, you will not be believed or respected.  Survivors should be supported when they come forward without the fear of threats or further trauma.  House Democrats are proud to support Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, and we are determined to continue to fight For The People to ensure that every woman will be heard and respected.


Register To Vote!

Generations of Americans – women, minorities, & young people – fought for the right to vote.  They recognized their vote was their voice. While National Voter Registration Day was on Tuesday, you still have time to make sure you are registered to vote so you can join them.  Register to vote and confirm or change your registration here



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