Congressional Art Competition

Each spring, my office participates in Artistic Discovery, The Congressional Art Competition. The San Francisco Unified School District Arts Festival is our long-term partner and host for the District competition. Artwork for this festival is collected in early spring and displayed for the public to enjoy before a winner is chosen. 

Artwork is judged for its technical skill and originality, and a winner is selected for the Congressional Art Competition. Please contact our office at (415) 556-4862 for details on participating in the annual SFUSD Arts Festival. The winning student from California's 12th District is invited to attend a reception in Washington, D.C. The event is an excellent opportunity to meet other similarly talented young artists and participate in the unveiling of their works.

the 2020 Congressional Art Competition for California’s 12th Congressional District.
Dead Air by Jackson Vu, the 2020 Congressional Art Competition for California’s 12th Congressional District. 

The winning artwork will be displayed for a year in the United States' Capitol. Our 2020 winning artwork, Dead Air by Jackson Vu, is currently on display in the Cannon Tunnel. This tunnel joins the Cannon House Office Building to the United States' Capitol, and gives visitors to the Capitol an opportunity to enjoy the exceptional artwork.

  • 2019: Valentin Nguyen, "I am a Star?"
  • 2018: Khianna Byrne, Self Portrait
  • 2017: Sofia Riley, Women at Work
  • 2016: Jenny Situ, Fading Light
  • 2015: Marisa Ling, Surgery and Haircuts: A Song of Farewell
  • 2014: Kai Lun Qu, Trees
  • 2013: Man Hei Cheung, Portrait of a Friend
  • 2012: Reilly Sandine Jones, Self-Portrait
  • 2011: Sophia Lin, Safety vs. Freedom
  • 2010: Claire Kowalewski Marsh, Blue Bottle
  • 2009: Brandon Wu, Three Lanterns
  • 2008: Coral Murakami, Down the Drain
  • 2007: Celia Kitchell, Father
  • 2006: Priscilla Wong, Virtue, Vindicated?   
  • 2005: Alvin Tam, Vanity
  • 2004: Aya Ino, San Francisco Ladies
  • 2003: Jason Wang, Dusk at the Gate
  • 2002: Janice Hsiao, The Flag Still Stands
  • 2001: Minh Tu Duong, Music and Tea
  • 2000: Sophia Knapp, Self-Portrait
  • 1999: Chika Nakamoto, Victorian House
  • 1998: Felipe Merida, Remembering California's Mexican Heritage
  • 1997: Helen Fannie Chow, Raccoons
  • 1996: Ernesto Giuaman, Mi Barrio
  • 1995: Alice Edward, Oishi Ekibu
  • 1994: Peregrine Lannin-Honig, Baby (Youth and Plastic Surgery)
  • 1993: Hilary Ciment, Fruit and Vegetable
  • 1992: Hilary Ciment, Self-portrait