Internet Freedom

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi speaks on the House floor regarding rescind a Federal Communications Commission rule dealing with privacy and internet service providers.

Today, the internet and new technologies are shaping the world in a way that we could previously only imagine, giving Americans an easy way to share information, conduct business, and participate in democracy – all with the click of a button. While these new technologies often lead to greater prosperity and innovation, they can also challenge one of our most core concepts of government and self: privacy and freedom.
We treasure these values and we understand the importance of preserving a free and open internet. The power of the internet has always rested in its role as a level playing field where success is founded on the best ideas, not the deepest pockets. That is why we need strong rules that protect consumers and innovators and will safeguard fair, fast, equal and competitive access to the internet.
It is clear that the Trump administration and the FCC have launched an all-out assault on the entrepreneurship, innovation, and competition at the heart of the internet.  The Trump administration has unleashed internet service providers to sell your most intimate personal information – without your knowledge or your consent. These measures are a breathtaking violation of Americans’ privacy and values. Rest assured, House Democrats are committed to protecting the freedom and openness which defines the internet and American innovation in the 21st century. 
That is why I am a champion for net neutrality and the protection of internet privacy for all Americans.

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Washington, D.C. – Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi issued this statement after the Federal Communications Commission voted on partisan lines to dismantle the landmark net neutrality protections: