'Cut and Run'

Jan 16, 2017
Pelosi Update

For tens of millions of Americans who will lose health coverage, including seniors who pay more for everything from prescriptions to preventative care, Republicans’ plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act nothing short of a nightmare. ‘Repeal and replace’ has only one thing going for it: alliteration – there is no alternative and no replacement.

                                                                                     Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi joins Members of the Senior Task Force to discuss how a repeal of the Affordable Care Act will harm seniors.

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi joins Members of the Senior Task Force to discuss how a repeal of the Affordable Care Act will harm seniors.  

The benefits of the Affordable Care Act can fill pages. Today, 20 million previously uninsured Americans have health coverage and 95 percent of America’s children are now insured. Up to 129 million Americans with pre-existing conditions have protection and being a woman is no longer a pre-existing condition. Furthermore, health plans now must cover life-saving, preventive services like flu shots, cancer screenings, contraception and mammograms at no extra cost. 

Republicans are planning to ‘cut and run’ on the American people – cut health care benefits and run from the consequences. Health care means life or death for American families. Democrats will remain strong in our resolve to protect the ACA and the health and economic security it provides all hard-working families in our country. 



My constituent submitted a request to the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) for the military service records for her late father, a World War II veteran. With these records, she hoped to apply for survivor pension benefits for her aging mother. After waiting nine months to receive copies of her father's military discharge documents from the NPRC, she contacted my office to look into the matter. My staff contacted NPRC and was able to determine that her father’s records had been partially destroyed during the 1973 fire at the St. Louis facility where they were kept, and that NPRC was working to reconstruct his file. Shortly thereafter, my constituent received reconstructed copies of her father’s service records. With these documents she can now apply for the benefits for her mother. 

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