Study Confirms Scientists' Concerns Over Bush Stem Cell Policy

Jan 25, 2005
Press Release

Study Confirms Scientists' Concerns Over Bush Stem Cell Policy

January 24, 2005

Washington, D.C. - House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi released the following statement today on a new study that reported that the limited number of human embryonic stem cells available for scientific research using federal funds are all contaminated:

"Since President Bush limited the use of federal funds for stem cell research, scientists have been concerned about the number of lines available for research and the viability of existing lines for therapeutic use in humans. Now a new study has confirmed the scientists' concerns by finding that the small number of stem cell lines that qualify for federal funds have all been contaminated.

"The Bush Administration's short-sighted policy needs to be changed. America has always been the world leader in health research, but the Bush Administration's restrictions threaten to continue driving research overseas.

"The potential of stem cell therapies to cure disease and alleviate human suffering is enormous, and it must be unlocked. House Democrats support legislation that would lift the ban on federal funds and would direct the National Institute of Health to establish ethical guidelines for stem cell research. This approach would allow lifesaving research to go forward, while ensuring that scientists adhere to a defined set of standards."

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