Pelosi Statement on World AIDS Day

Nov 30, 2018
Press Release

Contact: Ashley Etienne/Henry Connelly, 202-226-7616

Washington, D.C. – Speaker-designate Nancy Pelosi issued the following statement to mark World AIDS Day 2018, which is observed every year on December 1st: 
“For 30 years, World AIDS Day has united people around the world in the global fight against HIV/AIDS.  On this day, we honor the memories of the beautiful lives we have lost, continue to stand up for those still suffering from stigma and discrimination, and reaffirm our commitment to achieving an AIDS-free generation.
“In San Francisco, our experience has proven that a local crisis requires a global response.  Since 2003, PEPFAR has stood as a symbol of the U.S.’s commitment to addressing this global challenge with courage and compassion.  For 15 years, PEPFAR’s global reach has brought hope and healing to millions of men, women and children, effecting transformative change in communities devastated by HIV/AIDS.  As we work to care for those living with this terrible disease and endeavor to prevent future transmissions, the U.S. cannot retreat from our critical leadership role.  Doing so would betray our moral responsibility and dishonor the memories of all those who struggled and sacrificed for so long.
“We have achieved remarkable progress in this critical mission through the tireless leadership of researchers, advocates, the LGBTQ community and organizations around the world.  Yet, we must remain vigilant at home in defending vulnerable communities, particularly young people, communities of color, transgender women, and homeless and marginally-housed individuals who continue to face dangerous disparities in access to treatment, prevention and care.  As innovative techniques and initiatives advance our ability to respond to this terrible disease, we must recommit to bold, resourceful action to once and for all resign HIV/AIDS to the dust bin of history.”

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