Pelosi Statement on Trump FY2021 Budget

Feb 10, 2020
Press Release

Contact: Speaker’s Press Office,


Washington, D.C. – Speaker Nancy Pelosi released this statement on President Trump’s full Budget Request for fiscal year 2021:
“President Trump’s latest budget continues his relentless attacks on the health and economic security of hard-working Americans.  It is a complete reversal of the promises he made in the campaign and a contradiction of the statements he made at the State of the Union.
Cutting Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, President Trump has broken his promises to seniors and families by slashing half a trillion dollars from Medicare, taking $900 billion from the lifeline of Medicaid, and cutting Social Security Disability Insurance;
Hurting students, the Trump Budget cuts federal student loan initiatives by $170 billion, eliminates the Public Service Loan Forgiveness initiative, and harms children in our public schools by cutting billions from the Department of Education;
Abandoning farmers and hungry families, while American farmers declare bankruptcy at record rates, the Trump Budget slashes nearly $60 billion from the farmer safety net and steals more than $180 billion in nutrition assistance from families struggling to keep food on the table;
Cutting investments in jobs and the future of our communities, the Trump Budget breaks the bipartisan budget agreement last year by slashing a total of $1.6 trillion dollars in the health, education, safety and global security of the American people;  
Contributing to the national debt, by extending the GOP Tax Scam for the rich.
“The federal budget is supposed to be a statement of national values.  Once again, the President is showing just how little he values the good health, financial security and well-being of hard-working American families.  The President's budget is anti-growth, does not create good-paying jobs and increases the national debt.”
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