Pelosi Statement on February Jobs Report

Mar 5, 2021
Press Release
Contact: Speaker’s Press Office,
Washington, D.C. – Speaker Nancy Pelosi issued the following statement on the February jobs report:
“The February jobs report shows some progress, but much more is needed to address the daily reality of joblessness and financial insecurity facing millions of Americans.  State and local governments continue to be forced to slash our heroes’ jobs, particularly in education, millions of parents are unable to look for work and pushed out of the labor force because they are staying home with their children and nearly ten million jobs have still not come back.
“The need for decisive action to save lives and livelihoods could not be more urgent – which is why, last week, House Democrats passed the Biden American Rescue Plan.  This vital legislation will put vaccines in people’s arms, money in workers’ pockets, children safely back in school and people back in work – all while stimulating the economy, cutting child poverty in half and lifting nearly 12 million people out of poverty.
“Senate Republicans must end their obstruction and delay tactics, which demonstrate a great disdain for the suffering of the American people, and work with the Senate Democratic Majority to pass and send this bill to the President’s desk.  Democrats stand with the overwhelming majority of the American people demanding this legislation, as we work expeditiously to ensure the American Rescue Plan is the law of the land and that Help Is On the Way.”
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