Pelosi Statement on December Jobs Report

Jan 5, 2018
Press Release

Contact: Ashley Etienne/Henry Connelly, 202-226-7616

Washington, D.C. – Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi issued this statement after the Labor Department announced that the economy created 148,000 jobs in December, sharply down from the previous month: 

“December’s lackluster jobs report shows that Americans continue to suffer under Republicans’ corporate and special interest agenda.  After a year of full Republican control of Washington, hard-working men and women across the country are still being denied the wage growth and good-paying jobs they deserve.

“Republicans in Washington squandered every opportunity to help middle class families in 2017. Instead, they decided to stack the deck further for the privileged, the powerful and special interests against the middle class.  Under their devastating GOP tax scam, Republicans are raising taxes on millions of middle class families, encouraging corporations to ship jobs overseas and crushing our children with trillions in debt – all just to hand needless, massive tax breaks to the billionaires and corporations.  

“Democrats know that the American people deserve A Better Deal, with Better Jobs, Better Wages and a Better Future, and we will fight tirelessly to tilt the playing field back on the side of America’s working families.”

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