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Pelosi Remarks at Roundtable Discussion on Trump’s Dangerous Immigration and Refugee Executive Actions in San Francisco

Feb 23, 2017
Press Release

Contact: Drew Hammill/Caroline Behringer, 202-226-7616

San Francisco – Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi held an immigration and refugee roundtable discussion with community leaders today to discuss solutions for how San Francisco can combat President Trump’s immigration policies including the unconstitutional Muslim and refugee ban and immoral ICE raids that separate hard-working immigrant families.  Below are the Leader’s opening remarks.

“Thank you all for being here.  We were just at a ribbon cutting for the center of Presidio, and it was very nice because we talked about how that was a place where we wanted to bring people together.  That seems to be our respect for people as the hallmark of our work in San Francisco – certainly the hallmark of what you all do, the respect for what everyone can contribute.  

“I said at the ribbon cutting – that we were at the Presidio and you could see the Golden Gate Bridge from right where we were having our ribbon cutting and that through that Golden Gate Bridge, which we called the ‘Statue of Liberty of the West,’ which even before the bridge was there, many immigrants came to our country – many from Asia.  And every immigrant who comes to make the future better for their families, that hope, that optimism, that courage, that determination to make the future better for your family, that’s an American value.  So every immigrant who comes with those ideals makes America more American.  And we know that seeking the American Dream is why many people come.

“In everything we do, we see the reinvigoration of our country by the arrival of newcomers.  Our diversity is our strength.  We have some challenges right now.  We have some challenges in relationship to the travel ban, in terms of the ICE deportations, sanctuary cities, DACA – but the purpose of this meeting is for me to hear from you.  So first, if we can start on the travel ban, which of course the courts have held as not acceptable, though the President is at the drawing board again.  They kicked the can until next week so we don’t have anything that we can see, as to what they may do.  But no matter how many legal gymnastics they do, the product of it will still be an undermining of our values.  No matter how ‘legal’ they try to make it, it still undermines our values. 

“I think you probably know each other but I want you to know that Bill [Ong Hing] and Anni [Chung] have for decades been teaching us all about naturalization, immigration law and the rest.  Michael [Pappas] and my girlfriend Rita Semel down there have helped with putting sanctuary cities on the map.  It was an interfaith initiative.  All of you have contributed in one way or another.  There are four issues I have, you might have others – the travel ban, the ICE deportations, the sanctuary cities and DACA.  You lead the discussion, and I’ll tell you what happens in our different meetings with the Administration on these subjects as well.”

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