Pelosi Remarks at Press Conference Calling to Protect Pensions for American Workers

Dec 13, 2017
Press Release

Contact: Ashley Etienne/Henry Connelly, 202-226-7616

Washington, D.C. – Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi joined Democratic Senate Leader Chuck Schumer, House and Senate Democrats and retired Teamsters and miners at a press conference to call for immediate passage of legislation to ensure the pensions that American workers have earned over a lifetime of work are protected into the future.  Below are the Leader’s remarks: 

Leader Pelosi.  In the thirty years I have known Leader Schumer, that was the shortest speech I’ve ever heard him make.


Leader Schumer.  I never make fun of her in public. 


Leader Pelosi.  In public.  But, really, I associated myself with his remarks because he very succinctly put forth what this is all about.  It’s about a Better Deal: Better Jobs, Better Wages, Better Future, and that better future has a pension in it.

I am honored to be here and join him in praising [Senator] Sherrod Brown.  I also want to honor [Congressman] Richie Neal – co-sponsor of the bill in the House – where’s Richie?  Oh, he is in the tax markup – conference on the tax markup leading up to that.  I want to acknowledge him.

I also want to acknowledge that this is part of our Better Deal and [Congressman] Hakeem Jeffries from our communication group will be speaking.  You’ll hear from [Congressman] Rick Nolan, [Congressman] Don Norcross.  We are also joined by [Congressman] Bobby Scott who is our Ranking Member on the Education and Workforce Committee, as well as a champion on this issue, [Congresswoman] Debbie Dingell.  

So I want to – and [Congresswoman] Marcy Kaptur who is relentless and persistent on this subject.  And speaking of relentless and persistent, I want to acknowledge James Hoffa.  He has been day in, day out and he – not only has he been a champion relentlessly on this subject – he does not have to abide by the one minute rule.

Leader Schumer.  How many of you Teamsters like his goatee? 

Leader Pelosi.  It’s just for the hunting season – he told me it’s just for the hunting season – I don’t know what that means.  In any event, I am so pleased that we are joined by so many Teamsters to celebrate the Butch-Lewis Act.  Thank you for carrying those signs and also, to our miners, this is so important to us.


We will be hearing from Mike Walden – a Teamster retiree, a champion – where is Mike?  Where’d he go?  There he is.  Mike, thank you again.

Norm Skinner who will be speaking for the miners.  That is all to say – let me just say this one thing – when people ask me the three most important issues facing the Congress, I always say the same thing: our children, our children, our children.  Their health, their education, the economic security of their families and that includes the pension security of their families as well.  This is central, central to America’s working families.

Thank you for what you are doing in advocating for this.  Yes, as the Leader said, we are trying to get this in the final spending bill, we will see,  but we will try every avenue, every opportunity we have because people need to know that this is there for them.  You worked for it, you deserve it, you earned it.  It’s a promise and it will be kept – and you know what?  No cuts.

With that, I am pleased to yield to [Senator] Sherrod Brown. 

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