Not One Penny

Oct 9, 2017
Pelosi Update

Show me your budget, show me your values

A budget should be a statement of values, but the chief purpose of the radical Republican FY 2018 budget is to hand tax breaks to billionaires on the backs of hard-working Americans and add trillions of dollars to the debt. This extreme budget slashes vital lifelines that the American people rely on by an astounding $5.4 trillion and devastating investments in good-paying jobs, growing wages and the bedrock promise of a secure and healthy retirement – all in the name of laying the foundation for the Ryan-McConnell tax plan’s deficit-exploding, multi-trillion dollar tax breaks for the wealthiest.

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi had a CNN Town Hall this week where she discussed the Budget negotiations, addressing the rise of gun violence, the DREAM Act and addressing the needs of the people of Puerto Rico.

The proposed tax framework is not tax reform, it’s another multi-trillion dollar giveaway to the wealthiest at the expense of the middle class and working Americans. Their radical tax plan cuts taxes for the wealthiest, raises taxes on middle class families and adds trillions to the deficit. These trillions in added debt would then force catastrophic cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and essential job-creating investments in hard-working families.

The American people want tax reform for hard-working middle class families, and not one penny more in deficit-exploding tax breaks for the wealthiest one percent. Democrats will continue fighting to tilt the playing field back to the side of the American worker.

We Are With You

This week, our nation awoke to news of the largest mass shooting in our history. All of America grieves for the innocent men and women whose lives were cruelly cut short by this tragedy, and our prayers are with the families of those wounded and missing. America will never waver in its love and support for the people of Las Vegas and the families of the victims of this attack.

The families of the victims of gun violence deserve more than our thoughts and prayers – they deserve real, urgent and long-overdue action to end this crisis. But just two days after the worst mass shooting in American history, House Republicans refused to even begin a bipartisan, common sense process to address the gun violence epidemic.                                                                                                          

Their refusal to allow a vote to create a bipartisan Select Committee on Gun Violence – a basic first step to study and prevent the daily tragedies of gun violence – makes clear that they have no intention of offering a grieving nation anything more than empty words. Members of Congress take a solemn oath to protect the American people. We will never stop fighting to protect American families, and we call for bipartisan effort to take long overdue action to reduce the horror and heartbreak of gun violence.




My office recently assisted a constituent with obtaining an immigrant visa for her mother who is currently in Djibouti. My constituent’s mother attended her consular interview in May 2017, and was informed that her visa would be ready after the interview. However, after waiting for over four months, my constituent’s mother still had not received her visa. In light of President Trump’s new Executive Order on September 24, 2017, my constituent was anxious that her mother would not be able to receive her visa by October 18, 2017. Therefore, my staff contacted the United States Embassy in Djibouti on behalf of my constituent’s mother, conveying the details of the situation. Shortly thereafter, the Embassy issued my constituent’s mother her visa.

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