Marijuana Is a State Decision

Jan 8, 2018
Pelosi Update


Attorney General Sessions is brazenly dismantling a key policy that discourages federal prosecutors from targeting people who legally use marijuana under state law. This disastrous decision bulldozes over the will of the American people and insults the democratic process under which majorities of voters in California supported decriminalization at the ballot box. Yet again, Republicans expose their utter hypocrisy in paying lip-service to states’ rights while trampling over laws they personally dislike.

Congress must now take action to ensure that state law is respected, and that Americans who legally use marijuana are not subject to federal prosecution. Democrats will continue to insist on bipartisan provisions in appropriations bills that protect Americans lawfully using medical marijuana, as we always have. Congress should now consider expanding the provisions to cover those states that have decriminalized marijuana generally.

I urge Attorney General Sessions to begin the New Year with a commitment to prosecute the real crimes devastating our nation, not to waste precious time and resources waging a pointless, unjust war against innocent Americans.

Protect the Golden Coast

The Trump Administration is pushing for relaxed safety standards and expanded drilling operations just three miles off the East and West coasts. This latest assault on environmental protections will throw open the floodgates to pollution, devastate small businesses which rely on the oceans, hamstring the military, and destroy good-paying jobs in California’s tourism industry. 

The American people deserve smart, strong action to keep our communities healthy, clean and safe. Yet, the Trump Administration is racing forward with its increasingly brazen attempts to loot our environment and our planet. Just last week, the White House decided to give handouts to corporate polluters by ripping away safety protections enacted in the wake of the worst oil spill in American history.

Americans from coast to coast will make their voices heard to oppose this blatant corporate giveaway. Democrats will join with the American people, cities and states to fight for the future of our environment and our planet against the Trump Administration’s special interest agenda.

My office was contacted by a constituent who is receiving educational benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) through her husband.  She receives an educational allowance but it had not been received in several months, causing an economic hardship for her.  After contacting the VA, my staff was informed that she was enrolled in a non-college degree course, and recipients that are taking non-college degree courses must verify their attendance to VA on or after the last calendar day of each month to receive their payments.  The VA was able to verify enrolment, and release her back payments.  My constituent was instructed to verify her enrolment with the VA directly in the future to avoid a lapse in benefits.

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