Frightened Families

May 8, 2017
Pelosi Update

Higher Costs, Less Coverage 

In the course of the Trumpcare debate, we have heard from countless families expressing concern and even fear about what will happen to their health insurance and care.  Sadly, it means higher costs, less coverage, the gutting of key protections, a crushing age tax and stealing from Medicare.  Americans with pre-existing conditions would suffer huge premium increases and frightening limits on the care they need to stay alive.  

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi speaks out about the harmful GOP legislation intended to replace the Affordable Care Act.


The stories of the millions of families who will suffer under Trumpcare are the most potent testimony to the stakes of this fight.  Despite the pleas of families and the urgent warnings of almost every doctor and patient group, Republicans are trying to cram Trumpcare down the throat of the American people.  Republicans either do not know the consequences of their actions, or they do not care, or both.   

As the bill moves to the Senate, Democrats in Congress and across the country will continue to fight with all our strength to protect seniors and hard-working families from the moral monstrosity of Trumpcare.

Religious Freedom Executive Order

Instead of protecting the religious beliefs of patients and workers, President Trump is helping employers and health providers to force their beliefs onto others.  Doctors should be bound to provide the best care to their patients.  Employers shouldn’t be meddling in the intimate reproductive health decisions of their workers, or be allowed to choke off women’s access to preventive treatment or care. 

The order is also a brazen effort to create a vast new loophole in campaign finance law.  Tax-exempt organizations, whether religious or otherwise, should not be using their indulgence from paying taxes to fund blatantly political acts.  President Trump’s executive order is an open invitation to ignore our already abused campaign finance laws.

While the President’s executive order claims to serve religious liberty, in practice, it is a license for a few to violate the rights and freedoms of everyone else.


                                                                                     My office recently assisted a constituent, an immigrant, who applied to become a permanent resident based on her marriage to her U.S. citizen husband. While she is waiting for her permanent residency application to be reviewed, which can often take many months, she may apply for employment authorization and travel authorization to allow her to work and travel while the application is pending. Recently, my constituent contacted my office, because her grandfather had been hospitalized in her home country, and she needed to travel to see him urgently. However, because her application for travel authorization was still pending, she could not leave the United States without abandoning her application for permanent residency. My staff contacted U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) conveying the details of my constituent’s situation and submitting medical documentation provided by my constituent. Shortly thereafter, USCIS expedited the travel authorization, thus allowing my constituent to be with her family during this difficult time.

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