Oct 31, 2014
Pelosi Update

Once again, the Giants have made San Francisco the proudest city in baseball. The Kansas City Royals fought hard and well, and gave our Giants a real run for their money. The Royals and their fans should be proud of all of their accomplishments, and we all eagerly look forward to the years of success ahead of them. As the Giants bring the third trophy in five years back to the Bay – in no small part thanks to the otherworldly efforts of NLCS and World Series MVP Madison Bumgarner – we celebrate them for their excellence at America's favorite pastime. I am looking forward to participating in today’s World Series Parade and Civic Celebration to celebrate the thrilling 7-game Series victory, and I hope to see many of you there. 

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Tuesday, November 4th is Election Day 
Voting is a fundamental right. Generations of Americans have struggled and even died to ensure that all of us have the right to vote. We all can honor their sacrifice on this Tuesday, November 4th.

If you have any questions about the election, please visit the San Francisco Department of Elections. The San Francisco Department of Elections has information about where you can go to vote and voter information pamphlets in several languages. To find your polling location, please click here.

Happy Halloween!
However you choose to celebrate Halloween today, make sure you stay safe, warm, and dry on this chilly, rainy day. Please take a look at the San Francisco Police Department’s helpful Halloween Safety Tips

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