Buffet For The Rich, Crumbs For The Poor

Nov 6, 2017
Pelosi Update

The American People Deserve Better

This week, House Republicans unveiled a tax plan with ruinous consequences for workers and middle class families. Hard working people lose while the wealthiest and corporate America will be handed a multi-trillion dollar giveaway in tax breaks.

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi held a press conference to discuss the Ryan-McConnell tax bill that gives a tax break to the wealthy at the expense of the middle class. 

This tax bill would raise taxes on the Middle Class, add trillions to the debt to give tax cuts to America’s wealthiest & corporations, includes tax incentives for corporations to ship American jobs overseas and set up ransacking Medicare and Medicaid of $1.5 trillion.

Republicans are trying to play the middle class for suckers but Americans aren’t falling for it. According to a new ABC News/Washington Post poll, only 13% of Americans believe the Ryan-McConnell tax bill will actually help the middle class.  It’s already clear that this tax bill is very bad news for middle class America.

California will be particularly hard-hit by this half-baked tax plan, which would dismantle the state and local tax deduction that millions of families across our state have come to rely on. But supporters of this bill have blindly followed their partisan allegiance and worked to raise taxes on constituents by removing this vital deduction. 

The priorities of the Ryan-McConnell bill have been clear from the start: perpetuating a catastrophic transfer of wealth from the middle class to corporations and the wealthy. Democrats will continue to fight for middle class families and against this bill.   


Last week Congresswoman Pelosi, accompanied by Congressman Mike Thompson, toured some of the areas recently affected by the California wildfires. She met with families who had lost their homes and with first responders and local officials to show her commitment to rebuilding together. 



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