ACA on the chopping block... Again

Oct 22, 2018
Pelosi Update


Republicans keep blurting out the truth: if they control Congress next year, they will return to their monstrous campaign to steal health insurance from tens of millions of families, raise health costs, impose an age tax on older Americans, and destroy protections for the 130 million people with pre-existing condition by trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

Congresswoman Pelosi sat down with the Harvard Institute of Politics to discuss House Democrat’s agenda, #ForThePeople: lowering health & prescription drug costs, raising wages by rebuilding America, & cleaning up corruption in D.C.

They have used their control of Washington to wage a bitter war on the health care of families and seniors. At the same time, like clockwork, Republicans in Congress are setting in motion their plan to destroy the Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security that seniors and families rely on, just months after they exploded the deficit by $2 trillion with their Tax Scam for the rich. 

In budget after budget, they have exposed their cynical agenda: give massive, unpaid-for handouts to further enrich big corporations shipping jobs overseas and the wealthiest 1 percent, and stick seniors, children and families with the bill. Under their twisted agenda, we can afford tax cuts for billionaires, but not the benefits our seniors have earned.

The American people deserve a government that fights for them. Democrats are For The People: lowering health costs and the price of prescription drugs, increasing pay and driving strong growth by rebuilding America, and cleaning up corruption to make Washington work for the people.




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