Pelosi Statement on Signing of GOP Tax Scam

Dec 22, 2017
Press Release

Contact: Ashley Etienne/Henry Connelly, 202-226-7616

San Francisco – Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi released the following statement after President Trump signed the GOP tax scam into law:
“Today, President Trump signed into a law a GOP tax scam that breaks every promise he made to middle class Americans during the campaign.
“The insulting crumbs Republicans give working families are meager and temporary, and that’s for the families lucky enough not to face a tax hike right away.  The tax breaks for corporate America are vast and permanent, and our children will be paying the price for years.
“Instead of focusing on the forgotten Americans, the GOP tax scam will bleed the middle class dry and explode the national debt to pad the pockets of corporate America and the wealthiest 1 percent.”

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