Pelosi Statement on President Trump’s Rose Garden Press Conference Distorting His Record on China

Jul 14, 2020
Press Release
Contact: Speaker’s Press Office,
Washington, D.C. – Speaker Nancy Pelosi issued this statement after President Trump signed the bipartisan Hong Kong Autonomy Act:
“The United States Congress on a bipartisan basis has long been united in our mission to hold Beijing accountable for its brutal crackdown against those peacefully demanding their rights and freedoms, including in Hong Kong.  We are proud to have passed several bills to stand strong against China’s accelerating campaign of cruelty against the people of Hong Kong, including the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act last year and, most recently, the Hong Kong Autonomy Act.
“President Trump’s signing this critical bipartisan human rights legislation passed by Congress is a reversal from his years of enabling President Xi’s crackdown against Hong Kong.  Unfortunately, this can only begin to reverse the damage President Trump has done after months of praising President Xi’s handling of coronavirus, years of selling out the human rights of Uyghurs to ink a trade deal, and reportedly asking President Xi for help to win his re-election.
“The House continues to urge President Trump to stop coddling President Xi and take strong, strategic action to hold Chinese officials accountable.  We must consider every tool at our disposal, including visa limitations and economic penalties, to keep alive the hopes for freedom, justice and real autonomy for the people of Hong Kong.”
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