Pelosi Statement on Governor Brown Signing California’s Clean Energy Legislation

Sep 11, 2018
Press Release

Contact: Taylor Griffin, 202-226-7616

San Francisco – Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi issued the following statement after California Governor Jerry Brown signed legislation that puts California on the path to 100 percent clean electricity by the year 2045 by revising and accelerating renewable research target dates and issued an Executive Order, setting the state on track toward a carbon-free economy:
“Once again, California is taking bold action to lead the nation in the fight against the growing climate crisis.  Thanks to the leadership of Governor Brown, the state legislature and advocates and activists across California, our state is on track to realize one of the most ambitious climate goals in the nation: a 100 percent clean electricity future that engages California’s strong economy, abundant resources and innovative ideas.  When Governor Brown’s actions take effect, California will be the nation’s cleanest state or territory. 
“Bold, urgent action is needed to arrest the damage of the global climate crisis, yet the GOP Congress and Administration have shown a stunning contempt for clean air, clean water and the climate.  From rolling back the Clean Power Plan, dismantling vehicle pollution standards and pushing budgets that slash investments in clean energy, Republicans are forcing California families and Americans across the country to pay the price for their corrupt, dirty-energy, special interest agenda.  
“House Democrats are committed to supporting the innovators, entrepreneurs and advocates who are driving groundbreaking progress to meet the challenge of this moment, and are committed to fighting For The People.  We are working to deliver a clean energy future for our children that creates good-paying jobs, fights the devastation of the climate crisis and safeguards our environment for generations to come.”

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