Pelosi: Dedication of Doctor Edgar and Peggy Wayburn Redwood Grove at the Presidio

Oct 11, 2006
Press Release

Pelosi: Dedication of Doctor Edgar and Peggy Wayburn Redwood Grove at the Presidio

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

San Francisco, CA â€" Reps. Nancy Pelosi and Lynn Woolsey joined family, friends and colleagues of pioneering conservationist Dr. Edgar Wayburn as they gathered to commemorate his 100th birthday. The celebration also included the dedication of a redwood grove at the Presidio in his and his late wife Peggy’s names in tribute to the contributions they have made in preserving and protecting public land in San Francisco, throughout California and throughout the country. Dr. Wayburn, who served for many years on the Sierra Club's Board of Directors, has led campaigns to protect land throughout Northern California, including Point Reyes, the Redwood National Park and the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, where the celebration in his honor took place.

"Thank you all very much. You know we’re all very, very fortunate, those of us who are here today because God blessed us with the opportunity to know Ed and Peggy Wayburn. These are very exceptional people. Every now and then someone comes along of this caliber, this intellect, this intensity, this dedication, with these ideals. In this case, it was the two of them and they taught us so very, very much. And they demanded a lot of all of us.

"In ministering to the needs of protecting this beautiful legacy of nature, Ed and Peggy really were performing acts of worship and with their leadership they enabled us to do so as well. So we’re indebted to you for many, many reasons.

"God really blessed us with Ed Wayburn, with our friendship with him. We’re fortunate to know him. And it’s wonderful to see the children as has been acknowledged by our other speakers. Elliott is Ed’s messenger to the future. A future we will never see. But Elliott will and he’ll bring with him all of the values, all of the commitment, all of the leadership, all of the love that is Ed Wayburn. Thank you, Dr. Wayburn, for allowing us to share in your 100th birthday."