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Apr 1, 2015
Pelosi Update

Sí Se Puede
On Thursday, we celebrated the 88th birthday of the late farm labor movement leader, César Chávez, whose extraordinary leadership and commitment to justice continue to inspire civil rights movements in our country and around the world. Chávez galvanized the farmworkers’ movement to guarantee that workers who grew and picked the food that helped feed our nation could also provide for their own families. Chávez’s insistent, unyielding determination to win fair wages and fair treatment on American farms continues to strengthen America’s future for all. In our contemporary struggles to secure equal pay for equal work, to protect voting rights, to raise the minimum wage and unite families by passing comprehensive immigration reform, we are energized by Chávez’s vision and iconic leadership. Let us honor his memory by ensuring that the American Dream is available for all people across our nation.

Nancy Pelosi 

History will not look kindly on this new Indiana state law, which turns back the clock on equality for all citizens. goo.gl/Nnq2UO
5:13 PM - 30 Mar 2015
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Combating the Climate Crisis 
The White House proposal to the 2015 U.N. Climate Change Conference, which pledges to reduce U.S. carbon pollution by cutting greenhouse gas emissions by up to 28 percent, reflects our nation’s longstanding commitment to serve as a global leader in combating the climate crisis. The environmental challenges we face are real and the impacts are already being felt in America and around the world. No nation can afford to deny the urgency of our circumstances, and our efforts to combat the climate crisis must be immediate and innovative. Only together, with bold and united action, can we secure a sustainable future for our children and our planet. 

Our Common Purpose
This holy week, as millions celebrate Passover and Easter with friends, family, and loved ones, may we take this time to reflect on the rich culture and religious diversity that defines and strengthens the United States. May we embrace our shared stewardship of this nation and recommit ourselves to ensuring an even brighter future for tomorrow, whether it is through serving the less fortunateeducating our children, or preserving our planet for the generations to come. As we find ourselves united by this common purpose, may we continue to give of ourselves on behalf of others, in the name of the greater good. 

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