Assault on Democracy

Dec 19, 2016
Pelosi Update

Constitutional Duty
Elections determine the future our children will inherit. Given the alarming magnitude, seriousness and scope of Russia’s efforts to undermine our elections, we must have an independent, bipartisan investigation to protect the integrity of our democracy.

Republicans should work with House Democrats to pass the Protecting Our Democracy Act, H.R. 6447, introduced by House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Ranking Member Elijah Cummings and Intelligence Committee Member Eric Swalwell. This critical legislation would establish a truly bipartisan, independent commission to investigate Russia’s efforts to undermine our elections and democratic institutions.

The American people are gravely concerned about Russia’s involvement in our elections – and this Congress has a Constitutional duty to respond to these concerns with urgency.

Nancy Pelosi

#CuresAct represents a vital step to modernize & strengthen our nation’s pursuit of lifesaving treatments. Today, @POTUS signed it into law.
6:26 PM - 13 Dec 2016
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