Pelosi Remarks at #EndGunViolence Press Event on National Remembrance Day of Murdered Victims

Sep 25, 2019
Press Release

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Washington, D.C. – Speaker Pelosi joined advocates for gun violence prevention advocates for a press event to #EndGunViolence on the National Remembrance Day of Murdered Victims.  Below are the Speaker’s remarks: 
Speaker Pelosi.  Good afternoon everyone.  I am here with members of my family, my two daughters, Christine and Alexandra.  But we consider all of us members of our family because we have been families in grief and families in action.  A leader for us, in our families, is Mattie Scott of California, of San Francisco, who lost, who lost her son to gun violence and has turned her anguish and her sorrow into action.  Thank you, Mattie, for all that you have done.

Crowd.  Thank you, Mattie!

Speaker Pelosi.  And let us thank Moms Demand Action Against Gun Violence, Everytown and all the groups that have brought us together here today.  I am particularly honored to be introduced by Robin Kelly because Robin Kelly is a Co-Chair of our Task Force to end gun violence, and she brings to the table her leadership, her insistence, her determination, not only to end gun violence when everybody knows about it but the silence of gun violence that takes lives every day.  

She has joined our Chairman, Mike Thompson, the Chair of our [Task Force], in putting legislation on the table, H.R. 8, which we demand has a vote.  Give us a vote!  And Mr. Clyburn’s legislation – 1112 – give us a vote! 

Now, on the 15th of September – it was a Sunday – Chuck Schumer and I, Leader Schumer and I called the President of the United States and we said, Mr. President, 200 days ago, Congress sent – the House sent the Senate H.R. 8 and H.R. 1112.  200 days ago.  Every day since then, on average, 100 people are killed by violence, 47 of them children or teenagers.  That means 20,000 people since they have refused to take up our bill.  Even more since then, every day.  Every day.

So, I’m proud to stand up here with these champions.  You’ll hear from some.  Others have been acknowledged.  

I just want to say, Mr. Cicilline and Katherine Clark and John Lewis were leaders in the sit-in in the Capitol and we thank them. 


But it is – there is no excuse.  We keep saying to these Members of Congress, ‘What are you afraid of?  What are you afraid of?’

Are you afraid to lose?  Do you think your political survival is more important than the survival of our children?  You are absolutely wrong.  You are absolutely wrong. 

So, thank you.  Thank you for this day, where we pray, but we act.  Our Chairman, Mr. Thompson, has said – he’s – ‘The silence and prayers, that’s interesting, but what really matters is action.’  So, thank you for demanding action.  

And, let me just close by expressing a sentiment that I know we all share, which I told the President as recently as yesterday morning: We’re not going away. 


We’re not going away. 


We’re not going away. 


Until the job is done, until the job is done.  So, know your power.  You are making a tremendous difference.  Keep the heat on.  And as Shannon Watts said to me once, ‘If they don’t do this, they’re going to have hell to pay.’  So, that’s it.  That’s it.

Thank you all very much. 

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