Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi


Pelosi Wins Approval of Transportation Funding to Benefit San Francisco

June 20, 2001

WASHINGTON - Today Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-SF), a senior Democrat on the House Appropriations Committee, announced Committee approval of over $90 million in federal transportation funding to benefit San Francisco, including an extension for the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) to the San Francisco International Airport (SFO).

“Today’s action by the House Appropriations Committee will greatly enhance our transportation structure and help us toward our goals of reducing traffic congestion, promoting commerce, and encouraging the use of mass transit thereby protecting our environment and making our community more livable.

“Federal support for the BART-SFO extension moves us toward completion of the project and ushers in a new era of fast and convenient intermodal rail transportation at the San Francisco International Airport,” Pelosi said.

The following projects to benefit San Francisco were requested by Rep. Pelosi and funded by the House Appropriations Committee:

BART-SFO Extension - $80.6 million

MUNI BUS and Bus Facility Upgrades - $2.25 million

MUNI Central Control Facility - $2 million

MUNI Central Control Communications System - $500,000

Presidio Trust Shuttle System - $1 million

Treasure Island Ferry Service - $800,000

WestStart-CALSTART Advanced Transit Projects - $3.5 million

“I will work to hold this funding as we move forward in the appropriations process,” Pelosi said.

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