Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi

Pelosi Gets Full Funding For Bart Airport Extension; Additional Funding for Muni Buses Also Included

May 16, 2000

The House Appropriations Committee, acting on the request of Rep. Nancy Pelosi, (D-SF), earmarked funds for a number of key transportation projects in the Bay Area, including $80 million for full funding of the BART airport extension.

"Todayís action by the House Appropriations Committee follows the recommendations of the entire San Francisco Bay Area delegation, which is on record in strong support of this key project," Pelosi said. "This funding will help us pursue our goal of reducing growing traffic congestion, encouraging the use of alternative travel and making our community more livable."

The Appropriations Committee, of which Pelosi is a senior member, also approved an additional $4 million that will allow MUNI to purchase four expansion buses to address the increased ridership in the rapidly growing South of Market vicinity. This new funding will also allow for some modest improvements in existing bus facilities and communications within the MUNI system.

The Committee also adopted Pelosi language that recognized the Third Street light rail project as an "integral component" of the Bay Areaís transportation program and encouraged the Federal Transportation Authority to anticipate a request for federal funding for the projectís next phase.

In addition, the Appropriations Committee approved a $271,740 Pelosi request to allow increased public transportation for economically disadvantaged areas of San Francisco to connect with jobs at San Francisco Airport.

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