Press Release by Congresswoman Pelosi

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi

On the Release of President Clinton's Videotaped Testimony to the Grand Jury

September 21, 1998

The release of the videotape of President Clinton's Grand Jury testimony is a blatant political move on the part of the Republican leadership in the House to further humiliate the President over an affair that he has already admitted. If there is a time to release this videotape, it is when the Judiciary Committee has completed its work and the tape could be viewed within the context of all of the documentation gathered by the Committee.

The release of these tapes, pushed through by the Republican majority on the Judiciary Committee, violates the basic principles of fairness and ignores existing precedent in which a request to release President Clinton's videotaped testimony in the Paula Jones case was denied by the Judge.

What President Clinton did was wrong. It is grounds for embarrassment, not for impeachment. The Judiciary Committee is charged with the responsibility of investigating the allegations against the President. The Republican leadership should move this process forward and not attempt to consume the nation's attention with salacious allegations about the President's private life.

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