Press Release by Congresswoman Pelosi

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi

Statement on the President's Trip to China

July 2, 1998

With his trip to China, President Clinton may have opened an opportunity to set his China policy on a new course -- a course that would reflect concerns in this country about the continuing repression of basic human rights in China.

The President has extended the hand of friendship to the Beijing regime. How the regime responds will determine the ultimate success of this Summit.

If, indeed, this Summit has created a new climate of openness and dialogue between the United States and China, and that remains to be seen, the President must move decisively to take advantage of that openness.

Despite the Summit spinning, there have been no real results on reducing the Chinese government's great wall of barriers to U.S. goods and products entering China; no real results on reducing the Chinese government's proliferation of weapons of mass destruction technology; and, no real results on reducing the Chinese government's repression of the peaceful expression of political and religious beliefs in China and Tibet.

It is time now for this Administration to turn the President's statements in China into a policy that is honest, effective and sustainable -- a policy that will make trade fairer, the world safer and people freer. If the Administration adjusts its policy to meet those goals and the Chinese government responds favorably, then the Administration can call this Summit a success.

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