Press Release by Congresswoman Pelosi

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi

Floor Statement in Opposition to the Rule Providing for the Release and Review by the Committee on the Judiciary of a Communication From Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr

September 11, 1998

In the last six to seven years that I have served in Congress, I've served on the Ethics Committee and the Ethics Task Force. It is from that perspective that I have several questions to ask. If indeed what we are talking about here today is the process under which the Starr Report will be released, why then have the airwaves been filled with details of the Starr Report for the last 36 hours? It has been supposedly under lock and key here. One can only assume the leaks are coming from the independent counsel's office.

The good news about the leaks is that this four year investigation apparently vindicates President Clinton in the conduct of his public life because we're only left with this personal stuff.

My second question is directed to you, Mr. Speaker. Why would you not afford the President of the United States the same opportunity that you were given by the Ethics Committee, of having almost a week's advance notice to review the charges against you so that you could have your response be part of the report?

My third question relates to our founding fathers. What would our founding fathers think of the course we are embarking on today? I think that they would say it was not for the investigation of a president's personal life that we risked our life, our liberty, and our sacred honor. I know they would not want us to rush to judgement.

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