Press Release by Congresswoman Pelosi

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi

Pelosi Urges Colleagues to Reject Republican Double-Standard

October 8, 1998

Mr. Speaker,

I rise in opposition to the Hyde Resolution and, in doing so, point out the inconsistency of the Republican majority. At the start of this Congress the Republican majority gave you, Mr. Speaker, the highest honor this House can bestow, the Speakership. For the freshman Republicans, this was the first vote that they cast in this House. The Republican majority did this after you, Mr. Speaker, were charged with and admitted to lying under oath to the Ethics Committee about the conduct of your political affairs.

How inconsistent then, Mr. Speaker, for this same Republican majority to move to an impeachment inquiry of the President for lying about his personal life. Members of the Republican majority have said: "lying under oath is a dagger in the heart of the legal system."

We all agree that lying is wrong, but why the double-standard? I urge my colleagues to reject the Republican double-standard which exalts the Speaker and moves to impeach the President.

I urge my colleagues to vote NO the Hyde Resolution.

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