Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi

Statement On Agreement with Navy on Cleanup of Hunters Point Shipyard

January 23, 2002


Today Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi hosted a ceremony in her new House Democratic Whip’s Office in the Capitol to sign an agreement between the City of San Francisco and the Navy on the cleanup and conveyance of Hunters Point Shipyard in San Francisco. The agreement was signed by Mayor Willie L. Brown and Navy Secretary Gordon England. Joining Congresswoman Pelosi in hosting the ceremony were Senators Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer, who have been critical in forging the agreement. Marianne Horinko, Assistant Administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, also spoke at the ceremony.

The agreement sets out a master plan for the full cleanup of Hunters Point Shipyard in San Francisco and conveyance of land to the City.

In her remarks, Pelosi said:

"This agreement today brings us a step closer to realizing long-held dreams for the Bayview Hunters Point community – dreams of a safe environment, of economic opportunity, and renewed community.

"I want to thank Senators Feinstein and Boxer for all their work over the years on this crucial issue. And to Mayor Brown and Navy Secretary England, thank you for bringing a remarkable closure to decades of efforts to turn this Superfund site into a place of promise. You have established a true partnership and spirit of collaboration, working with the community, which will be a model for future projects for years to come.

"Working together, we have established an aggressive cleanup schedule that will enable the conveyance of the 88-acre Parcel A to the City immediately upon approval of the Board of Supervisors, which may come as early as June.

"That will enable the city to begin economic development of the property, which will bring needed jobs to the area and affordable housing for the community.

"Congratulations to all those involved in this process, and especially to the Bayview Hunters Point community that has waited far too long to realize this dream. Your efforts will ensure a brighter future for the people of Hunters Point today and for future generations."

January 23, 2002. Congresswoman Pelosi and Sen. Dianne Feinstein look on as San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown, left, and Navy Secretary Gordon England sign an agreement in Ms. Pelosi's office that sets out a master plan for the full cleanup of Hunters Point Shipyard in San Francisco and conveyance of land to the City.


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