Press Release by Congresswoman Pelosi

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi

National Environmental Scorecard Gives Pelosi a Perfect Score

October 14, 1998

The League of Conservation Voters today gave Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) the highest score possible --100%-- for her pro-environmental voting record in 1998. "Protecting the environment is a responsibility that I take very seriously. There is nothing more important than ensuring that our children live in communities where they can safely breathe the air, drink the water, and play and grow in surroundings that are environmentally rich and nurturing," Pelosi said.

The league rated members of the House on 13 separate pieces of legislation on issues related to land use, public lands and resources, oceans, environmental protection, energy and global warming, pollution and public health, and tropical forest conservation.

In the House, the Republican majority averaged 24% on pro-environment votes; the Democrats scored 72%. In the Senate, the average for Democrats was 84%; the Republicans scored 12%.

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