Press Release by Congresswoman Pelosi

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi

On Redress for Americans and Latin Americans of Japanese Descent

May 17, 1999

As a senior conferee on the Emergency Supplemental Appropriations bill, I am pleased to have played a role in authorizing the U.S. Department of Justice to reprogram $4.3 million to the Civil Liberties Public Education Fund for the purpose of paying restitution to Americans and Latin Americans of Japanese descent who were interned in U.S. camps or evacuated or relocated from their homes when the United States entered World War II against Japan.

Congressional approval, expected today, finally brings a measure of closure to this sad chapter in American history.

In securing this authorization, I worked closely with Representatives Patsy Mink of Hawaii and Robert Underwood of Guam. All of us will continue to monitor the Justice Department's performance in executing this authorization. The Office of Redress Administration currently estimates the allocation of costs as follows:

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