Press Release by Congresswoman Pelosi

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi

Democratic Women of the House Demand Campaign Finance Reform

June 18, 1998

The Republican leadership will never allow campaign finance reform to be enacted in this Congress.

It is doing everything in its power to kill reform.

Campaign finance reform is drowning under a wave of amendments that will wash away the American people's demand for true reform.

The Republican leadership wants to keep the status quo. And why not? Earlier this week, the GOP raised $10 million dollars from its wealthy donors. This system favors the monied interests and alienates working Americans who want their legitimate place at the table.

Women in America cannot afford for the current system of big money politics to go on. According to a recently released study by the Joyce Foundation of Chicago, 81% of all individual congressional campaign donors who gave $200 or more to one or more congressional candidates in the 1996 elections were men.

How does a single mother justify a five or ten dollar contribution, when Tobacco or other industry giants can funnel tens of thousands of dollars into a campaign? Individual donors cannot compete with soft money.

Clear the decks for Meehan-Shays and pass campaign finance reform now.

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