Press Release by Congresswoman Pelosi

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi

Statement on President Clinton's Speech on China

June 11, 1998

President Clinton has done a disservice to the U.S.-China issue by insisting on labeling his opponents as isolationist. We who oppose his policy are calling for effective engagement. It is sad that the President believes he must resort to mischaracterizing the majority of his critics in order to cover his policy's failures.

As the President said, he can choose to make a symbolic point or a real difference. In light of his failed China policy and his meager agenda for the summit, a real difference is out of the question. The only symbolic point he is making is that his Administration sides with China's authoritarian regime. If the President doesn't face-up to the realities of his trip to China, to use his own words, he will be going on a fool's errand.

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