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Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi Commends President Clinton's History-Making FY99 Budget Proposal

February 3, 1998

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) today commended President Clinton for submitting to Congress the first balanced budget in 30 years. "The President's budget is more than a blueprint," Pelosi said, "it sets the agenda for meaningful discussions with the Republican majority about a humane government, a government that supports American families and those citizens who need a helping hand. The President said he wanted government to be lean, not mean."

The $1.73 trillion FY99 budget proposal targets federal spending to programs that benefit middle class Americans and Americans in need. The President's proposal includes:

AIDS: $100 million increase for ADAP (ensures that more Americans with AIDS who can't afford life-saving drug therapies can get the medicines they need);
$65 million increase for basic Ryan White treatment activities;
$225 million for HOPWA (Housing Opportunities for People With AIDS), an increase of $21 million.

Education: $25 billion over 10 years for new programs including funding for 100,000 more teachers and new school construction.

Child Care: $21.7 billion over five years to expand child care programs and affordability; this is the largest single investment in child care in U.S. history.

Homelessness: $958 million for the McKinney Homeless Assistance Program, an increase of $135 million;

Medicare: Extending coverage for Americans between 55-65 who are without insurance.

Section 8: Renewal of all vouchers for one year and an increase of 80,000 vouchers.

Food Stamps: $2.7 billion to restore food stamps to vulnerable legal immigrants and health care to their children.

Tax Relief: The budget calls for $24.2 billion in tax cuts, including child care tax credits for working families, a low income housing tax credit to promote construction of affordable housing and tax credits for small businesses to start employee pension plans.

"President Clinton has acted responsibly, crafting a budget that takes a big step towards addressing some of our long-term problems, and providing the kind of tax relief and incentive that is representative of good government," Pelosi said.

Locally, key projects in San Francisco will continue to receive the federal support needed to see them through to completion:

BART to the Airport: $100.5 million as part of the first installment in the full funding grant agreement.

Presidio: $25 million to meet the obligations of the Presidio Trust.

Environment: $143.3 million for the California Bay-Delta Ecosystem Restoration;
$7.9 million for San Francisco Bay projects;
$20.8 million for Hunters Point Naval Shipyard cleanup;
$13.3 million for Treasure Island cleanup;
$3.2 million for Presidio cleanup.

Historic Restoration: $30 million for the Appraisers Building, 630 Sansome Street, home to the Immigration and Naturalization Service and the U.S. Customs Service.

"Not unlike our domestic spending, the President's initiatives, as laid out in the budget proposal for foreign affairs, appear to put the needs of people first," Pelosi said.

Foreign Affairs: The President's FY99 request of $20.15 billion is an increase of just slightly over $1 billion. It includes:

Development Assistance: $1.768 billion is requested, including $400 million for population programs; $502 million for Child Survival and Diseases;

Peace Corps: $50 million increase for starting the Corps on the road to the 10,000 volunteer level.

"The people of San Francisco can take pride in the President's budget proposal. In many ways it reflects the ideals of our community by putting the needs of hard working Americans, children, and the less fortunate at the front of the line," Pelosi said.

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