Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi

Supporting a Resolution to Congratulate Barry Bonds

October 30, 2001


Today the House of Representatives passed House Resolution 266, sponsored by Rep. Nancy Pelosi, which congratulates Barry Bonds on his record-breaking season for the San Francisco Giants and Major League Baseball.

Mr. Speaker, I rise to congratulate Barry Bonds on his spectacular, record-breaking season for the San Francisco Giants and Major League Baseball.

Barry Bonds has brought distinction to the American pastime and excellence to the San Francisco Giants, following in the baseball footsteps of his father, Bobby Bonds, and his godfather, Willie Mays. His outstanding career so far includes 3 Most Valuable Player awards, 10 All-Star Game appearances, 8 Rawling Gold Glove awards, and the distinction of being named Player of the Decade for the 1990s by The Sporting News.

This year, Barry Bonds had one of the greatest seasons in Major League Baseball history, with his 73 home runs, .863 slugging average and .515 on-base percentage. These are only some of Barry Bondsí tremendous accomplishments, which my Resolution describes in detail.

Barry Bonds has proven himself to be an active leader not only in the Giants clubhouse but also in the community. Bonds has donated approximately $100,000 to the September 11th Fund to aid the victims of the terrorists attacks in New York, Washington & Pennsylvania. His generous donation was matched by contributions of $100,000 from Major League Baseball and $100,000 from the San Francisco Giants. In addition, Bonds has devoted his time and money to support the United Way's Link & Learn Program and has been an active participant in numerous other San Francisco Bay Area community efforts.

I encourage all my colleagues in the House of Representatives to join me in supporting this Resolution which congratulates Barry Bonds on his spectacular record-breaking season, honors him for an outstanding career with good wishes for even more success in the seasons to come, and thanks him for his contributions to baseball and to his community.


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