Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi

Joint Statement by Rep. Pelosi and Democratic Leader Rep. Gephardt on HIV/AIDS and the Bush Budget

February 5, 2002


Washington, D.C. - - Despite the continuing devastation caused by HIV/AIDS, the Bush Administration has once again proposed a freeze in funding for vital programs that provide care, prevention and AIDS medications to people living with HIV/AIDS. As new infections arise and treatment advances reduce the number of AIDS deaths, more people than ever are living with HIV/AIDS and in need of treatment regimens that are costly, complicated, and lifelong. These needs are especially critical for communities of color, where the majority of new AIDS cases are occurring.

"The Presidents funding request for HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention is clearly inadequate and is but one example in his budget proposal of the harmful consequences that are a result of his misguided economic plan," said Rep. Richard Gephardt.

"Scientifically proven methods to combat HIV/AIDS, including greater access to AIDS drugs and voluntary counseling and testing, are vital for reducing new HIV infections worldwide, and will require significantly more resources than this budget would provide," said Rep. Nancy Pelosi. "We must continue to make HIV/AIDS funding a priority in order to ensure that the third decade of the AIDS epidemic is the last decade of the AIDS epidemic. Just as the tax and budget policies of the Bush Administration have failed to promote economic growth, this budget fails to meet the challenges posed by HIV/AIDS."


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