Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi

Pelosi Statement on GOP's TV Show in Spanish
Abriendo Caminos or Cerrando Puertas?

May 6, 2002

House Democratic Whip Nancy Pelosi issued the following statement today in response to an announcement by the Republican National Committee that it will launch a Spanish-language television program in selected markets around the country.

"The GOP may be spending millions of dollars on TV shows, Web sites or infomercials to attract Hispanic voters, but the reality is that when it comes to efforts that affect Latino families, they are closing every door. Their show should be called Cerrando Puertas, or 'closing doors.'

"In the last four months, we have seen several anti-Hispanic attempts launched by the GOP. They tried to defeat extension of Section 245(i), which allows many immigrants to remain the United States while the apply for permanent residency; they tried to deny food stamp benefits to tax paying permanent legal residents; and they attempted to block permanent legal residents from participating in the election process. Just last week, after strong Democratic opposition, Republicans had to back away from a proposal to cut student loans--a plan that would have seriously hindered minorities ability to pay to go to college. These efforts demonstrate the true sentiment of the GOP when it comes to Hispanic families."

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