Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi

Pelosi Announces $22 Million in Homeland Security Funding for San Francisco

May 14, 2003

Washington, D.C. - Today House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi announced that San Francisco will receive an additional $22 million in Homeland Security funding from the fiscal year 2003 supplemental budget. These new funds are added to the $10.4 million previously awarded to San Francisco in the first round of Urban Area Security Initiative funding, bringing San Francisco’s total fiscal year 2003 Homeland Security funding to more than $32 million.

"I'm pleased that the City will receive additional federal funding to coordinate its homeland security response,” said Pelosi. “These funds will help ensure that San Francisco has the resources necessary to protect our region’s people and critical infrastructure.”

$18.59 million of these funds will be made available to the City of San Francisco and neighboring counties for operational activities conducted during the heightened alert level from January 2003 through April 2003, and to support critical infrastructure security, training, equipment, and information sharing.

An additional $3.4 million will be awarded to the San Francisco Municipal Railway ($2,411,395) and the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District ($976,498) which have been identified as among the highest-risk transit systems in the country. These funds may be used to build physical barricades; install monitoring systems such as video surveillance, motion detectors, thermal imagery and chemical/ radiological material detection systems; develop integrated communications systems; conduct prevention planning and training exercises; and for operational activities conducted during the “orange alert” from January 2003 through April 2003.

“While this is a start, the funding is far short of the money needed to pay the full share of the federal government's commitment to our men and women in uniform at home -- our local firefighters, police and emergency personnel,” added Pelosi. "Democrats will continue fighting to give them the tools they need to protect America. We owe these men and women -- and the Americans they protect -- nothing less.”


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