Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi

Pelosi Announces $2.5 million for Fuel Cell Ferry

June 11, 2003


Washington, DC - Today House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi announced that the San Francisco Bay Area Water Transit Authority will receive $2,483,750 from the U.S. Department of Transportation to construct the first zero-emission passenger-only ferry in the world. Pelosi requested these funds in the 2003 federal Transportation appropriations bill, following $100,000 she secured in 2002 for design work on the fuel cell ferry project.

“Ferry service provides an essential transportation alternative throughout the Bay Area where most of the major highways currently operate at or near capacity during peak hours," Pelosi said.

The new ferry will be powered by hydrogen fuels cells, which produce only water and heat as their by-products. The vessel will provide transit from Treasure Island to downtown San Francisco and Oakland and also would serve as an alternative source of transportation should the Bay Bridge become unavailable for any reason. The state and local share would be $1.5 million, for a total cost of $4.5 million.

“The San Francisco Bay Area has been a leader in providing alternative public transportation that helps relieve traffic congestion and reduce harmful emissions,” added Pelosi. “This fuel cell vessel will further demonstrate the San Francisco Bay Area's commitment to environmentally-friendly transportation alternatives, and prove that zero-emission vessels are suitable for commuter ferry systems.”

Pelosi has consistently pursued funding for San Francisco’s ferry system. During the 2003 fiscal year, she secured $500,000 to provide a permanent mid-day berthing facility at Golden Gate Ferry’s San Francisco terminal. In 2002, she obtained $800,000 to provide ferry service to Treasure Island, a former Navy base in San Francisco with a daytime population of approximately 5,000 people.


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