Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi

Pelosi, Pascrell, Waxman, and other House Members Call for Hearings into FERC-Enron Connection

June 18, 2002

Washington, D.C. -- House Democratic Whip Nancy Pelosi, Rep. Bill Pascrell, and Rep. Henry Waxman sent a letter Tuesday, co-signed by 17 other House members, urging Speaker Dennis Hastert and Chairmen Dan Burton and Billy Tauzin to conduct hearings immediately looking into the relationship between the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and the Enron Corporation.

The members expressed concern that FERC may have ignored violations of the Federal Power Act by Enron.

In the letter sent today to Hastert, Burton, and Tauzin, the members said: “The American people deserve to know whether or not FERC has been doing its job and protecting consumers, or whether it has been influenced by Enron to do otherwise. We implore you to begin hearings on these important issues.”