Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi

Democrats Target the Economy
Caucus Holds Economic Forum On Dec. 9 and 10

December 6, 2002

Washington, D.C. - Democratic House leaders have called a special meeting of the Democratic Caucus next week to diagnose what ails our economy. The goal of the forum is to share information and ideas that will lay a foundation on which to build a Democratic economic plan. This is the first in a series of such forums.

“The resignations of Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill and top economic advisor Larry Lindsey are an admission that the President has finally realized what the American people have known all along-the Bush economic plan is a failure,” said Democratic House Leader-Elect Nancy Pelosi. “We must have a plan for economic growth that creates jobs, is fair and is fiscally sound. This forum will help us build consensus among our Members on the best way to spark an effective and lasting economic recovery.”

"This forum is the first step in ensuring that the Democratic Caucus unifies behind a clear, positive, aggressive economic program that will do more for the economy than the failed Republican plan,” Democratic Whip-Elect Steny Hoyer said.

"This Democratic forum will provide an opportunity for Members to hear from outside experts and discuss, among themselves, the many economic challenges our nation faces. Unfortunately, the president has avoided tackling the real issues that impact real Americans every day" said Democratic Caucus Chairman Bob Menendez.

Democratic Caucus Vice Chair-Elect James Clyburn said, "this economic forum is an opportunity to bring the Bush Administration's failed economic policy back to the top of the agenda and to focus on effective Democratic solutions for those hardest hit."

“This forum, by design, will be longer on analysis than answers, because we need a good diagnosis before we start prescribing,” said Assistant to the Minority Leader John Spratt, who will moderate the forum. “But to that end, we will be calling on experts across the spectrum, from business and labor, to discuss the budget, the economy, and what needs to be done.”

By any standards, today’s economy cannot be considered healthy:

The two-day meeting, scheduled for December 9 and 10, will include presentations and discussions with leading figures in business, economics and policy.


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