Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi

Daschle and Pelosi Commit to Remove Special Interest Provisions from Homeland Security Bill

November 20, 2002

Washington, D.C. -- After a meeting in the Capitol late this afternoon, Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle and House Democratic Leader-Elect Nancy Pelosi vowed today to remove egregious special interest provisions in the Homeland Security bill.

To prevent three members of their own Republican party from joining with Democrats to remove the bill’s worst provisions, Republican leaders promised to eliminate three of the most outrageous provisions they had added. Daschle and Pelosi said one of their first actions in the 108th Congress would be to introduce legislation that would remove the provisions.

“It is a shame that this bill became a Trojan Horse for special interest giveaways that have little or nothing to do with making America safer from terrorism,” said Senator Daschle. “I’m glad that some Republican leaders are embarrassed enough by what they've done to say that they’ll go back next year and change the bill. We find those claims dubious, however, and that is why, at the beginning of the 108th Congress, we intend to introduce a bill to hold Republicans to their word, and take out these special interest giveaways.”

Congresswoman Pelosi said: “These provisions are nothing more than special interest stowaways and should never have been in the bill in the first place. It is extremely unfortunate that the Republican leadership took advantage of the public desire for security to slip these outrageous provisions in the bill.”

Specifically, the Democratic Leaders cited the following three provisions that must be removed:


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