Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi

Statement by House Democratic Whip Nancy Pelosi on Bush Administration Ergonomic Plan

April 5, 2002

Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), a senior member of the Labor and Health and Human Services Subcommittee on Appropriations, has fought for years for a strong ergonomics standard that is fair to workers and businesses. She issued the following statement this afternoon about the Bush Administration’s new workplace injury policy:

“This plan is completely unacceptable. Here we are at the beginning of a new century, in the most technologically advanced nation in the world, and our President is unwilling to protect men and women injured on the job.

“Despite a decade of research supporting the need for ergonomics protections, the Bush Administration proposes yet another bureaucratic study. At the same time, the Bush budget proposes to cut funding for the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, the agency responsible for job safety research, by $28 million.

“This inadequate plan is being presented after a year of inaction. OSHA has not undertaken a single ergonomic training initiative, enforcement initiative, or outreach program, nor has the agency issued any ergonomics guidelines or educational materials. This is not an ‘effective strategy’ that the Administration promised, and is little comfort to those men and women who suffer crippling, job-related injuries.

“We can and must do better.”

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