From the Office of Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi

Pelosi:  Statement at Opening of City Car Share at SF City Hall

November 10, 2004

San Francisco - House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi issued the following statement today at a press conference announcing the opening of the new City CarShare pod at City Hall:

"Thank you to Larry Magid and to the board, staff and members of City CarShare for inviting me to join you at the opening of your newest car-sharing pod here at City Hall. Thank you also to Mayor Newsom for your strong support of this program. Once again, San Francisco is leading the way in creating livable communities through innovative approaches such as car-sharing.

"A few years ago when City CarShare was just beginning, founding executive director Elizabeth Sullivan joined me for a town hall meeting on livable communities with Congressman Earl Blumenauer of Oregon, a leader on the issue. In the few short years that have passed, City CarShare has grown from a small pilot program to a highly successful organization.

"The results are impressive: studies show that six of every 25 households that join City CarShare give up a car, saving money by avoiding the fixed costs of owning an automobile. They drive less often and use public transit more often, reducing traffic congestion and air pollution.

"But thanks to City CarShare, when their members need a car they can get one. And not just any car, but one of the distinctive green beetles or other vehicles that are more efficient and less polluting than the cars they displace.

"City CarShare can also help government agencies and businesses cut costs by reducing or even eliminating their fleets of city or corporate cars. Car-sharing allows a company, or a taxpayer, to pay for a car only when it is in use, not when the car is sitting idle in a parking lot.

"I am proud to have secured $500,000 in the 2004 transportation appropriations bill for the regional expansion of City CarShare. By placing cars at BART stations and other locations in and around San Francisco, City CarShare is improving mobility for residents of San Francisco and the entire Bay Area.

"I am also pleased to be working toward obtaining additional funding in the highway-transit authorization bill now pending before Congress for City CarShare to expand the benefits of car-sharing to low and moderate-income neighborhoods in San Francisco. These funds would provide car-sharing services to San Francisco residents whose daily lives are made more difficult and complicated because they lack access to cars.

"It is unlikely that Congress will finish the highway-transit legislation this year, but you can be sure I will work to include this funding for City CarShare in the new version of the bill that will be introduced next year.

"Thank you again to Larry Magid and Mayor Newsom for your leadership, and to everyone gathered here to celebrate the success of City CarShare."

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