From the Office of Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi

Pelosi Statement on the Republican Medicare Prescription Drug Deal

November 16, 2003

Washington, D.C. -- House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi released the following statement today on the Republican deal on the Medicare prescription drug bill:

“Democrats want a real prescription drug plan for America’s seniors that will bring down drug prices and provide guaranteed, defined benefits under Medicare. Democrats have yet to see the details of this very partisan, backroom deal, but from what we know about it, it is disastrous for seniors.

“Republican leaders are leaving seniors at the mercy of HMOs, increasing the costs for seniors, including the costs for doctors' visits, and dismantling Medicare. In the backrooms of backrooms, Republican leaders had a one-sided debate about dismantling the Medicare program that seniors have known and trusted for nearly four decades. Who lost are the 40 million seniors who have been pleading for a real Medicare prescription drug benefit.

"Who won are the Republicans’ special interest cronies. Republican leaders are giving millions of dollars in windfall profits to the pharmaceutical industry, banning the negotiation for lower drug prices, and giving billions of dollars as a slush fund for HMOs.

“This deal is far too partisan. Fig-leaf bipartisanship does not make this a bipartisan compromise.”



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