From the Office of Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi

Pelosi Announces $28 Million in Homeland Security Funding for San Francisco

November 16, 2003

Washington, D.C. - Today House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi announced $28 million in new federal funding for San Francisco’s terror response and prevention efforts through the Department of Homeland Security’s Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI). These funds include $26.5 million to help meet San Francisco’s greatest security needs, and an additional $2.4 million for the security of metropolitan rail transit systems.

“These funds will help San Francisco’s terror prevention and response teams fortify our City against terrorist attack and improve their ability to respond to such an occurrence,” said Pelosi.

The UASI initiative will distribute $725 million in 2004 Homeland Security funds throughout the country. San Francisco received $26.5 million of these funds to enhance its overall security and preparedness level and its ability to respond to and recover from acts of terrorism. These funds were awarded based on a formula accounting for various factors including critical infrastructure, population density and credible threat information.

Another $50 million was distributed to metropolitan rail transit authorities nationwide to enhance the security of their assets and passengers. Of these funds, the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District will receive $1.6 million and San Francisco Caltrain will receive $800,000 for the installation of barricades, area monitoring systems, integrated communications systems and prevention planning, training and exercises. The grant funds were distributed nationwide based on the number of annual riders and overall track mileage of each transit system.

“We welcome this further support from the Department of Homeland Security that will go toward the safety of our community through funding training exercises and buying equipment,” said Gregg Lowder, Director of the Mayors Office of Criminal Justice. “The funding will harden our critical infrastructures to protect San Francisco and our outlying urban areas, keeping the citizens of San Francisco and our visitors safe.” The Mayor’s office of Criminal Justice is collaborating with the Office of Emergency Communications and the Office of Emergency Services to develop a strategic plan under the UASI to protect us from terrorist attacks.

These new funds are added to the $32 million previously awarded to San Francisco in 2003 -- $22 million in the supplemental budget and $10.4 million in the first round of UASI funding -- bringing San Francisco’s total homeland security funding to $60 million.

“While these funds represent a start, they fall far short of the commitment the Administration must uphold to our men and women in uniform at home -- our local firefighters, police and military personnel who risk their lives every day,” said Pelosi. “Democrats in Congress will continue fighting to ensure our first responders have the funding, training and equipment they need to protect our communities and respond to terrorist attacks.”



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