From the Office of Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi

Pelosi Remarks at 'Show Us the Jobs' Event

March 31, 2004

Washington, D.C. -- House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi joined Senate Democratic Leader Tom Daschle at a news conference this afternoon with 51 workers directly impacted by Republican economic policies, one from each state and Washington, D.C. The Leaders listened to these workers and discussed the national jobs crisis, including the expiration of federal unemployment benefits for more than 1 million workers. The workers are concluding their "Show Us the Jobs" Tour through eight states and 18 cities to showcase the devastating impact Republican economic policies are having on workers and their families and to call for change. Below are Pelosi's remarks:

"Thank you, Senator Daschle. John Sweeney, thank you all for your leadership on these critical issues for America’s working families and for launching this great ‘Show Us the Jobs’ tour.

"Most importantly, thank you to all of the workers who are here today. While the President campaigns across the country with rhetoric about an economic recovery, you are traveling to share the reality of your lives under President Bush.

"Yesterday, while Treasury Secretary John Snow outrageously defended outsourcing, House Democrats voted to bring a six-month extension of unemployment benefits up for a vote. Republicans defeated our effort.

"So today, an estimated 1.1 million Americans have exhausted their unemployment benefits since December and are now receiving neither benefits nor a paycheck. That includes 177,000 people in my home state of California alone.

"After three years of controlling the White House and the Congress, Republicans have added more than $3 trillion to the national debt and lost nearly 3 million jobs, the worst record on job creation since the Great Depression. More than 8 million Americans are unemployed.

"After missing an enormous opportunity to create jobs by not passing a robust highway bill, this Republican Congress will leave town for a two week break without doing anything to help the unemployed.

"The Republican Congress has no plan to create jobs, and no interest in doing anything other than handing out tax cuts to those making more than $1 million a year.

"Unemployment benefits are not a hand out. They are a temporary help to willing workers who are unable to find jobs.

"Extending unemployment benefits is the right thing to do.

"Extending unemployment benefits is right for American families who are suffering. Unemployed workers are spending their savings, running up debt, and having to choose between getting the health care they need and paying the rent that is due.

"Extending unemployment benefits is right for the economy. Each dollar spent on unemployment benefits will boost the economy by one dollar and 73 cents. Families will spend the money right away on necessities, growing the economy and creating jobs.

"Extending unemployment benefits is right for families and it is right for the economy.

"No one knows that better than the 51 workers here with us today. After going to eight states in eight days to highlight reckless Republican economic policies, they are here with us today to tell their stories."




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