From the Office of Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi

Pelosi Secures $3.7 Million for Housing, Cultural Institutions, Environmental Education and Clean and Efficient Power Generation

July 23, 2004

San Francisco, CA -- House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi announced today that she has secured $1 million to provide permanent, supportive housing for homeless seniors in the Veterans Affairs, Housing and Urban Development and Independent Agencies Appropriations bill, which passed the House Appropriations Committee this week.

"Eighteen percent of San Francisco's homeless shelter population is older than 55," Pelosi said. "The $1 million included in this bill will help provide the housing and services that low-income seniors need to move out of shelters and into a life of independent living."

The $1 million for the San Francisco Homeless and Supportive Housing Project would help the City of San Francisco provide 40 units of permanent supportive housing to homeless, low-income elderly persons (55 or older) by funding capital improvements to the building located at 850 Broderick Street.

Pelosi also secured funding in the bill for projects that would support cleaner, more efficient power generation; enhance the study of environmental issues; and help establish critical San Francisco cultural institutions.

Below are descriptions of the funded projects:

$1 million for water system improvements to support cleaner, more efficient power generation

These funds will help the City of San Francisco make improvements to the water system to allow for use of recycled water to cool four Combustion Turbine power units. These units will provide approximately 200 MW in power generation and allow the California Independent System Operator to shut down older, inefficient, polluting power plants.

$1 million for the University of San Francisco Center for Science and the Environment

The USF Center for Science and the Environment is a graduate program in environmental management that is designed to serve the needs of environmental specialists in industry, government, and consulting firms. These funds will be used to renovate existing science facilities, purchase equipment and produce curricula for academic and research programs.

$400,000 for the Filipino Cultural Center

These funds will support the design and completion of the Filipino Cultural Center which will occupy 7,750 square feet of the historic building at 853 Market Street, also known as the San Francisco Emporium, that is currently undergoing redevelopment. Last year, Pelosi obtained $200,000 to assist with restoration of the historic dome of the Emporium Building.

$300,000 for the International Museum of Women

The funding will be used for facility costs of developing the museum, which will be located along San Francisco’s waterfront near the Bay Bridge at Historic Pier 26.




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